Published 01/13/13 11:18am

Blood Suckers, MBAs, And Sparkles


You don’t need a super glam Convocation A-Gutt or a slightly hungover campus tour guide to tell you that Penn is a school of firsts. We were the first university, had the first medical school, the first student union, and first business school. Sliced bread: our doing. Air? We invented it. Well, Penn could possibly top itself with another amazing feat: first semi-creepy but super famous pseudo-vampire to attain an MBA.

Businessweek reports that Robert Pattinson is considering following up his somewhat successful Twilight franchise with a degree in business. Among his reported top choices are UCLA, Harvard, NYU and Penn. The only problem? R-Pattz didn't exactly go to college.

Admissions Director Ankur Kumar replied in a sassy email that Wharton does not accept candidates without an undergraduate degree ("Humans, vampires or werewolves"). In other words: we're flattered, Rob, but we’ll pass. Looks like R-Pattz won’t be sparkling out on the College Green anytime soon. It may be for the best - the whole Whartonites-out-to-suck-your-blood thing isn’t that funny anyway. Plus, would we really let Brown get Hermione Granger while all we get is Edward Cullen? Yeah, no.

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