Published 01/10/13 5:07pm

That's So Rority!


Oh snap! We just had a vision! Dozens of girls, flawlessly arranged on a staircase for impeccably timed meet-and-greets. Their shivering, stiletto-wearing prospects are in awe of the sisters, rocking their Greek letters layered under cardigans and wearing "Blake Lively natural makeup," as opposed to a RuPaul look. (Because Serena van der Woodn't, right?)

Guess what? This vision is totes accurate, as we've just been tipped a very thorough Dos and Don'ts list for one unnamed sorority's rush. Yesterday, we showed you the menu potential Greek males will enjoy this rush, but the ladies best take note that the necessity of a perfect look during rush doesn't stop freshman year. If you're blessed with a bid, a year from now you'll be allowed to be forbidden to wear leggings as pants!

So schmooze harder than ever - but not unless you "wear the baseball cap to cover a bad hair day." Check out the full leaked guidelines for these Amigas Cheetahs after the jump. Happy Rush from Upsilon Tau Beta!

Do: Wear your lineage gear Layer [our] cardigan over a cute relaxed fit outfit Wear the baseball cap to cover a bad hair day Wear natural makeup and a clean/ polished hair style in your letters ALWAYS Use [our] pens water bottles and cups (this is key in showing off your style but still repping [us]) Keep wearing those colored jeans. They look awesome with [our] tops, sweaters and boots! *make sure the colors match though and are calm, not super eye grabbing.

DONTS Look a mess in your letters - if you didn't brush your hair or apply concealer under those eyes go home and do it before wearing your letters. We attract what we put forth Tons of makeup looks worse than no makeup. Minimize what you have on. Compare Blake Lively's natural look to Ru Paul. We don't want Ru Paul. When in doubt, mascara, blush/bronzed an Chapstick = easy perfection. Wear only [our] gear. In the words of coco chanel always remove one piece of jewelry before leaving home. If you have so much gear on that you can remove an item do it. Wear leggings as pants during recruitment. They are not pants and unless you are going to or from the gym you look a mess in your letters Same policy as dressing during rounds - its winter so no mini skirts, short shorts etc. let's be classy and show the [Potential New Members] that we kill it in every season.

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