Published 01/24/13 10:51am



Happy Thursday everybody, Street's got some sweet, sweet nothings to whisper into your eyes this week. First, enter the Matrix the world of hackers with Street's feature on Pennapps, the biggest hackathon in the world. Then, we present our Ego of the Week, Sarah Richter of the Excelano Project, a regular coolgirl if we ever did see.
Music offers us a chance at redemption with a retrospective and a future–spective on Destiny's Child, Street's own favorite remnant from the 90s and 00s. Film brings us another look into the Greek Life — which movies really represent it? I'm pretty sure Penn's going to suffer some revenge from the nerds at some stage... Need to let off some steam? Former UTB Managing Ed Ian Bussard gladly rants to us about the horrors of Instagram this week — not for the lovers of sepia.
Arts brings to the foray something that may resemble a hose with glowy parts, but rest assured, Street is definitely sure it's art. Finally, check out Street's very own version of The Walk, "The Strut," and flashback in time with BP's look at Penn's most ancient yearbooks.

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