Published 01/13/13 5:50pm

Sixty Bucks? It Ain't No Thang!


We all hate those kids who pregame their BYOs with a bowl of pasta at their place, avoiding any drinks at dinner because they refuse to shell out the 3 bucks for alc. But just wait till you graduate. As a recent NY Times article reported, college grads--especially Penn grads--spend tons of money on food.

“I don’t think about what anything costs,” Emily Gerard, a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a publishing assistant making the requisite salary, told me recently. “I’ll drop $60 once a week at the Greenmarket, which I would never do at a grocery store; I like supporting local farmers.”
This might be you some day! And it might even land you a quote in the paper. Speaking of which: Gerard might not be the only one without a filter. Hear something crazy on Locust? Let us know!

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