Published 01/15/13 9:30am

Penn Puts The Lid On Drinking


People drink in college, and sometimes they do it irresponsibly. For this reason, Penn will be convening a commission to examine its policies on student alcohol use. The Penn Commission on Student Safety, Alcohol and Campus Life will be the first significant re-evaluation of these policies since 1999, and aims to update that policy to the "Penn students of today."

Sure, our nineties forebears may have been wearing crazier prints, but how much has collegiate drinking really changed since 1999? Heck, our parents even raged pretty hard back in the 1920s! Snapchat, dubstep and designer drugs seem to pose a more modern threat than good 'ol beer. But we look forward to commission's findings, due at the end of the calendar year. If they come up with anything ground-breaking, the first drink is on us!


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