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News  Published 01/26/13 12:23pm

Kent State Proves Not Everyone At PennApps Were Creeps


We all try to keep our Facebooks as PC as possible, but everyone lets a tagged photo or liked link fall through the cracks every now and then. Lucky for us, while the minds of some participants at last weekend’s PennApps were in the gutter, others were more focused on cleaning the gutter out.

Three Kent State students created an app called Facewash, which searches your comments, posts, photos, likes, and tags for anything “you wouldn’t want a future employer to see or your mother to see.” Jeff Weiner would totally approve.

The developers won in the Best Hack for Students category and even landed on the homepage of Yahoo!, which basically means they’re kind of really famous. One of the guys in the picture is even wearing a Penn hoodie, so we’re basically kind of really famous, too, right?

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