Published 01/23/13 6:02pm

(Another) Penn Grad Makes Us Wonder What We’re Doing With Our Lives


Ask any self-respecting Penn student for their worst fear and they’ll all have the same reply: potential employers seeing their unedited Facebook profile. One look at your tagged photo from last weekend and you’ll never get a job. Luckily, Wharton grad Jeff Weiner is at the helm of a little website that allows you to separate your perfect GPA from the fact that you attended an event that toed the punny-pornographic line.

In all seriousness, Linkedin is a place “for serious business people to do serious business.”

Before rising to CEO of one of Silicon Valley’s most profitable websites, Weiner lived the life doing M&A, but he now runs LinkedIn, which is currently valued at over $1 billion. Weiner is still not satisfied. In his words, “We want to be everywhere the general professional is. We would like to be ubiquitous." If ubiquity can be measured by the number of spam emails Linkedin sends every day, mission accomplished. Just saying.


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