Published 12/11/12 5:19pm

Take Creepy Pictures, Win Sweet Prizes!


Ever had an urge to take a selfie while studying in VP? Well NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to win free stuff for taking pics during your study breaks.

Prizes are being awarded courtesy of Penn Libraries in the following categories (winners to be announced on Friday evening, but send 'em in early for a chance at one of the daily prizes!!):

  • Most popular (Most Facebook likes) Less clothing = more likes
  • Most studious (Most convincing evidence that a study goal was accomplished) Break out those hipster glasses with fake lenses
  • Best self-portrait (individual photo) Snapchat a pic to UTB: +2 points
  • Best study buddy photo (group photo) "Study" sessions with your girlfriend don't count
  • Best use of library resources (photo working with a library staff member or physical/virtual library materials) Does paying back $1500 worth of library fines count?
It's the perfect excuse to use your phone while in the middle of that final essay, and the prizes aren't too shabby, either!

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