Features  Published 12/11/12 4:18pm

Seven Things Longer Than Reading Days


In the spirit of reading days coming to an end (or are they just beginning?), we thought we'd provide you with another thing to look at while you procrastinate away the 48 hours you have left to cram a semester's worth of material into your head (move over, Buzzfeed). So, without further ado, the seven things longer than reading days...

1. The hangover you had after formal.

2. The wait for any bagel-based product at Saxbys.

3. The walk to Penn Park (is that even still on campus?!)


4. That awkward pause when you're trying to sweet talk your professor into an extension.

5. The elevator ride to any floor in a high rise. Especially when you're the one who farted.

6. The time it takes for that kid to realize his head phones aren't fully plugged in.

7. And lastly, your list of finals complaints that you whine about to anyone willing to listen.

Happy Studying!

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