Published 11/30/12 6:59pm

To Barack, With Love


Before the election, inboxes nationwide were bombarded with "personalized" emails from politicians, fundraisers and, of course, celebrities. The Obama campaign sent frequent messages opening with "Dear [Your Name]" from such stars as Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker and Dr. Maya Angelou!

Junior Dylan Hansen-Fliedner decided to, quite literally, take all those emails to heart. Treating the hundreds of messages as if they really were personal, he replied to every email he got from September 10 to Election Day with a corresponding love letter. Dylan turned his 100+ hilarious fake declarations of love for Obama for America's fundraising into a self-published book, which is downloadable on this Tumblr.

He also compiled and sent his responses to the White House, and today, his clever project got picked up by The Atlantic! We can only hope Bey, Michelle and all the other emailers get to read your heartwarming love letters. Penn BFF Joe Biden would definitely appreciate the "I love you, and I will continue to do so till my last breath"

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