Published 11/20/12 9:00am

A Wharton Student Sick of Monkeying Around


For those avid UTB readers out there, you might remember a post from last year about a group of Engineers who were fed up with doing the business students' grunt work and decided to fight back the only way they knew how...with their computers. Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey was created to put those tech-challenged Wharton students back in their place (the much more conveniently located Huntsman Hall) and glorify in their electronically based superiority, as Wharton students had the tendency to take the recognition for their tech-y startups that the engineers did most of the coding for.

Flash forward to 2012 where one Wharton student has learned the coding skills to back up his lofty start-up goals. Meet Whartonite Turned Code Money, who, in addition to giving us one of the best pictures of Donald Trump the internet could provide (here's a close second), might be the savior Penn has been looking for to end the feud none of us have been paying that much attention to.

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