Published 08/23/12 10:45am

Wharton Makes Fancy, Custom iPad (If You're Into That)


It sure beats tattooing your behind with your alma mater, but we're not exactly running to buy the newest offering from the campus Bookstore: A Wharton-monogrammed iPad, laser-engraved with the school's logo. The embodiment of a brand-name education, the Wharton iPad is only $599 from Penn Computer Connection and comes pre-loaded with Wharton software so you can reserve a GSR for your MGMT team while sitting on the toilet. Take it a step further and set your wallpaper to the Wharton-themed background, included with every gadget.

But no gaming the system! We're told: "A PennCard ID that indicates your current enrollment or employment at the Wharton School of Business is required to purchase." Sorry, optimistic transfer students.

Need more help? Wharton has an app (and an entire website) for that.


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