Published 05/03/12 1:09pm

Shmack Is Whack

I'm Shmacked is a documentary series in which some horribly obnoxious college-aged ne'er-do-wells dance and prance about college campuses getting drunk as much as they possibly can, and it is even more annoying than it sounds– like MTV's The Real World, except without any redeeming qualities. Luckily for us, the creators came to Penn a few weeks ago for Spring Fling. The resulting video makes us feel all :( inside.

Get ready to see Penn through the eyes of the kids you went to high school with who list "lol i hate books" on their Facebook profiles.

"We're here for motherfuckin' Spring Fling 2012- UPenn, U. o' Pennsylvania. I'm shmacked, what up?" our new friend J-Boy explains. Watch some bros drink, some clown bros juggle bowling pins, another bro pass out on a couch, and a bro talk about how much some girl wants him around 2:40. Cool story, bro! Let's all hang out next time you're in town.

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