Published 05/07/12 1:14pm

PennDesign To High Schoolers: Sorry We Possibly Ruined Your SATs


This past Saturday morning, a bunch of bleary-eyed, overstressed high schoolers came to Meyerson Hall to take the SAT. Then they saw the building was in complete disarray, thanks to the final critiques that took place the day before, and maybe those two kids who had six perfectly sharpened pencils, two erasers and two spare calculator batteries neatly laid on their desks were like, "OmGGGgGG this is NOT conducive to my TEST-TAKING EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!" but most of them probably didn't care. PennDesign felt pretty awful about it, though, so they posted this ridiculous note letting all those students know they're really, really sorry for potentially causing them inordinate levels of distress during this critical moment in their lives.
Dear SAT takers,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the state of Meyerson Hall this morning. We can imagine the unsettling effect that encountering this building in this condition may have on a young adult mentally preparing for an important examination. If it caused any of you distress, then we humbly accept culpability and wish we had presented a better side of the school. Friday was the final review for a good portion of our school, notably the graduating class. As such it was the culmination of not just this past semester but also 3+ years of our hard work. We celebrate that occasion. That certainly does not excuse us from leaving Meyerson Hall in such disarray. There was not widespread awareness hat this test would be given this morning; once again a sorry excuse for our treatment of the building. Please, on behalf of PennDesign’s student body, faculty, and staff, accept our sincerest apologies for exposing you to this environment; especially when you expected a calm and controlled atmosphere. It reflects on us now, but we will strive to perform better in the future, have better communication, and respect our spaces more than we have. Best of luck to you all on this exam, stay calm, read the whole question and all the answers. May walking into this mess be the worst thing that happens to you today. Do well and keep us in mind when shipping 2400s to prospective colleges.



Our regrets and Apologies and Promises of Amendment,

PennDesign Student, Faculty and Staff


If these high schoolers know what's good for them, they'll milk this for everything it's worth (free painting lessons).

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