Published 05/01/12 1:52pm

Penn Masala Gets A Nod From The NYTimes


Penn Masala, Obama's favorite all-male South Asian a capella group, is featured in no small chunk of this article on The New York Times' India Ink blog today.

The article discusses the presence, prevalence and popularity (as well as preeminence, potency, penetration and predominance, if you will) of Bollywood/Billboard-Top-40 mashups among today's generation of Indian American performance groups. Penn Masala, formed in 1996, "is credited for pioneering the fusion music trend that largely reflects Indian American tastes in the pairing of Hindi and Western songs."

Long story short, the main takeaway from the article is that you can hit up Penn Masala on Pandora, Spotify and Grooveshark. So this finals season, you can finally say, "No, I am not still listening" to your Vitamin String Quartet station.


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