Published 05/05/12 8:08pm

Is Penn Really The Eighth Most Stylish School In The Country?


Short answer: probably not. Actually, most definitely not. On the one hand, yes, we do have The Walk, but we're not sure that entitles us to a place within the top ten of Stylitics' "Most Stylish Campus in America" campaign. Really, do Longchamp totes and Tory Burch flats classify as stylish any longer? Did they ever?

But as with most internet competitions these days, there's some sort of weird social media catch to Stylitics' rankings. See, with this one, the only way to gain a spot on the leaderboard is to accumulate points by making a profile on the website to gain followers and to share on Facebook and Twitter. Essentially, Penn's #8 ranking can be chalked up to the number of people who are using the site, which would similarly explain why WVU is beating the Fashion Institute of Technology by 17 places. Fancy that! All things considered, Stylitics, sashay...away.

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