Published 04/16/12 9:01am

What's HapPENNing?

Oh, man! How great was that Kelly Clarkson concert on Friday? So good, right? We almost died at the part when she was all, "Some people wait a LAYIFTIME...for a M-O-H-ment like THIS!" We define "lifetime" as the night our pledges slept out on College Green in the Fling concert floor pass line, so that song was extra meaningful for us. Anyway, back to business.

College Palooza Who: Dean's Advisory Board When and where: Today, 11-3 p.m.; College Green Why: The College is awesome so we get free things? Fine by us. From 11 to 3 on College Green, check out performing arts groups, participate in mini-lectures by Penn's finest and eat some ice cream from Little Baby's Ice Cream (~swoon~) and cupcakes from the cupcake truck. So college.

Strictly Funk Master Classes Who: Strictly Funk When and where: Today, 11-3 p.m.; College Green Why: Think you're good at dancing? Eh, you're probably not. But that's OK! That's why Strictly Funk is hosting a bunch of master classes this month– so you don't look like a complete fool at your next social gathering. (Note: no fist-pumping allowed.)

ComFest Featuring Aasif Mandvi Who: Mask and Wig and SPEC When and where: Friday, 8-10 p.m.; Harrison Auditorium (Penn Museum) Why: "Daily Show" giggle-maker Aasif Mandvi will be moderating Mask and Wig's 14th annual ComFest, which brings together some of the nation's best college comedy troupes. Get your ticket for $10 on the Walk this week.

Screening of The Silence Who: International House Why: The Hej! Scandinavia Film series over at the iHouse kicks off with Swedish master Ingmar Bergman's The Silence. For only $7, you can watch this sexually provocative classic after you check out the wine reception in the lobby. Neat!

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