Published 04/24/12 10:47am

What Should We Call The 'What Should We Call' Bug? Also, Sup, APES?


Monkey see, monkey do. Here is the latest addition to the Penn-centric "whatshould___call___" family: What should we call APES? The new tumblr was made in light of AEPi's recent loss of university recognition. We're all like, "OO-OO-OOO-AAA-AAA-AAA."

'What should we call APES?' is actually nothing more than a collection of monkeys-doing-human-things videos (whoa, remember this movie?) with some snippy annotation. Must we remind everyone that as finals approaches, while it is very tempting to make tumblrs n blogs n shiz, the Penn community would appreciate diversity in distraction content. Have a lovely last day of classes!

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