Published 04/05/12 10:30am

STREET Presents: Through the Haze


Hanging in there? Street’s here to help you make it to next weekend.

This week, we’re talking about what everybody’s talking about and nobody’s talking about. We’ve got two dirty syllables for you: HA– ZING.

And see more in The Roundup.

As for the slightly less–salacious parts of the mag — we've got everything. Music’s got your new workout plan. Film's got the winners of the Student Film Festival. Food's got soul. Arts has the low–down on yarn bombing. Ego has a sphinx with a secret.

And it's that time of the year again: shoutouts! Lowbrow's got the info you need to call out that person who did you know what to you that one time.

Come to the writer's meeting tonight at 6:30! 4015 Walnut. We've only got a few issues left, and it's never to late to get involved!

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