Published 04/12/12 11:47am



SHOTS (repeat 16x) EVERYBODY!

Congratulations, you've made it to fling! Go to FEATURE to choose your own fling-venture.   For those of you who started early, check to see if you made it to the Round–Up. And while you're there, read about throwing up at a wine–tasting.   Ego's got something for the kids this week with a newbie's guide to fling, plus the ladies behind the magic themeselves: the fling directors.   Music and Film have something for the herbal enthusiasts out there. Read on if you can.   Food's keeping it classy this week with everything you should know about hangovers. Arts is keeping it slightly less classy with Quadramics' naughty show tomorrow.   Lowbrow presents failed fling tanks, and people you should shout out this weekend. Speaking of shoutouts, submit them!

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