Published 04/19/12 10:00am

STREET Presents: Best Of Penn AND Shoutouts


...And the guy who was onstage with Tiesto!

To the naysayers: yes, Street CAN put Shoutouts and Best of Penn in the same issue. See if someone wants to have sex with you or kill you here, and find out if your favorite crying spot on campus is about to get a lot more crowded here.

We've also got the best of Philly's Arts and Film scenes for the summer. Philly not your thing? Head to Amish country in Food & Drink.

Music's got the year's round-up. Highbrow has the Round-Up's round-up. Ego's got a 13 year old girl who's close to Street's heart.

And about that guy who was onstage with Tiesto -  we have his  first-hand testimonial. Warning: this story involves cops, a trip to Pat's, and a bag of hair. We couldn't make this shit up.

Pick up Street today to see if you made our crush list! We'll see you at Smoke's!

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