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News  Published 04/09/12 2:39pm

Spring Senior Societies, Round Two


Mortarboard, Sphinx and Friars? Old news. The newest round of senior societies have rolled on in, and we're psyched for those who've been honored this year. Hexagon, Oracle, Onyx and Cipactli may not be as well known as the other seniors societies, but we'll chalk it up to their lack of chalk on Locust Walk. (Did you like that wordplay?) Click after the jump to see the newest inductees.

Update: Hexagon and Cipactli have been added. Apologies for the delay and any resulting confusion.

Oracle (Asian Pacific American senior honor society) Akshat Vaidya Anthony Tran Ben Watkins Bhargavi Ammu Dana Tom Isabel Han Kaileen Yeh Kenny Puk Mak Hussain Michelle Leong Michelle Shieh Quratul-Ann Malik Ram Narayan Shawn Chen Tanvir Gopal Toni Gatchalian Trisha Sanghavi Victor Eric Garcia

Onyx (African-American senior honor society) Adrienne Edwards Akineymi Bajulaiye Alex Amaniel Amanda Parks Aya Saed Bailey Brown Beverly Aiyanyor Cindy Ocran Jarrid Tingle Kirby Dixon Mikhael Abebe Nony Onyeador Sharree Walls Shelbi Vaughn Spencer Stubbs Victor Scotti Yaadira Brow

Hexagon (Engineering senior honor society) Alec Miller
Alex Reiner
Alex Sher
Amber Lowey
Annie Geller
Blake Bleir
Blake Winston
Brett Wittmershaus
Chloe Moussazadeh
Daniel Fallahi
Drew Karabinos
Elizabeth Beattie
Elizabeth Rubenfield
Jack Robinson
Jeff Kiske
Keegan Dubbs
Lauren Davis
Matt Rybak
Michael Crump
Mike Plis
Mike Steltenkamp
Nora Turek
Parker Schabel
Rup Sureshkumar
Ryan Percy
Sanders Colbert
Sarah Capungcol
Sophia Stylianos
Tatiana McLauchlin
Victor Garcia

Zach Shurden

Cipactli (Latino honor society)
Alexis Rodriguez
Amy Lopez
Andrea Herrera
Andres Sepulveda
Angel Contrera
Ariela Cohen
Catalina Ramos
Elias Lebovits
Frida Garza
IƱigo Rumayor
James Sadler
Juan Carlos Melendez-Torres
Julio Areas Castillo
Kareli Lizarraga
Karla Rivera
Luis Vargas
Oscar Cullen
Salomon Moreno-Rosa
'Grats to all!

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