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 Published 04/18/12 9:08am

Spring Fling Photo Contest: And The Winner Is...


Spring Fling, that wino temptress from Brigadoon, descended upon our campus last weekend, and even if you don't remember what happened, we definitely do. In our first-ever Spring Fling photo contest, we received tons of flingy-flangy pics that ran the gamut of Fling activities. Some were great, others were not so great and some were Instagrammed. (Shame! Instagram is for cheaters!)

We've chosen our six favorites, but only one winner will receive the prize- a special-edition silkscreened Spring Fling poster from SPEC! 

1. Best Use Of Quad Nostalgia, by Nicole Greenstein


2. Best Use of Lower Quad Stage View, by Harrison Lieberfarb Ed. note: 10-point deduction for use of Instagram.  

3. Best Use of, Like, Totally Trippy Lights, Man, by Ng Boon

4. Best Use of Crowd Control, by Nicole Woon

5. Best Use of OH NO, IS THAT KID OKAY?, by Lucas Salzman

6. And The Winner Is...Stephen Chao!

Congratulations, Stephen!

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