Published 04/02/12 10:23am

Juniors, Here Are Your Hey Day Shirts


Class of 2013, two things:

Wearing a Hey Day shirt is like shopping at FroGro: everyone else does it, and you don't even notice how annoying it is after a few drinks. But picking out the best design is a rigorous activity nonetheless, and we're here to help you make the big decision.

Witness the above design, which features traditional 21st century Twitter iconography. We do not endorse this design. 

We like the Beatles! BUT! Think how this will look in that Facebook album you'll be tagged in.

Snoopy is a delicious choice. Unfortunately, the shirt reads "Time to fly" on the back, which means graduation, which means the real world, which means we don't like this shirt.


Update: 1/10. Munny.

Well, FINALLY! This is a design we can work with. Simple front– check out those crisscrossing canes, don't they blow your mind?– and a fashion-forward back. (We use the term "fashion-forward" very loosely here.) Under the Button officially supports the Classic Hey Day Shirt design. 

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