Published 04/07/12 12:53pm

Jezebel Finally Catches Penn's Masturbation Meme


Read Jezebel this week? It's okay, you're not missing much. See, it turns out that the women's gossip and culture blog Jezebel finally caught a whiff of one of the most tired and overused internet memes (aren't they all, though?) out there– the college shower masturbation notice. As we reported way back in November, Penn is no stranger to the masturbation meme, which usually comes in the form of an official-looking notice warning students not to dispose of their bodily fluids in the showers. "Haha!" says a resounding no one.

Granted, Jezebel totally calls it out for what it is- a joke- but at this point, any blog worth blogging about should know that the shelf life of a meme is between five and ten seconds. And this one's been around for years. (That's meme-worthy, right?) Keep working the interwebs, Jezebel!


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