Published 04/24/12 8:46pm

Amy Brings Holocaust Testimonial Database to Penn


A-Gutt is helping enrich the Penn community once again. This time, it's in a very unique and powerful way. Over 50,000 video testimonials from Holocaust survivors have been added to Penn's library system and will be available to the public. The testimonials were collected by the Shoah Foundation Institute at University of Southern California, which was founded in 1994 by legendary director Steven Spielberg. The testimonials are in over 30 languages and many interviewees have since passed away.

Penn is the first university in the state to offer this expansive collection. As a college student, Amy's father fled Nazi Germany in 1934. As she told Philly.com, "I see this as a way of continuing not only to remember the past but to learn from it."

A ceremony formally announcing the opening of the archives took place yesterday at Annenberg. We're truly honored to house such an important collection of moving interviews. Thank you, Madame President!

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