Published 03/19/12 2:15pm

The UA: Campaign In The Neck


What Republican primaries? Ha! The UA election is back, and we know you just can't get enough of that student government ish. By now, you've probably gotten the self-promotional e-mails, but in case you haven't, we've got you covered like a tree post during this election season.

Dan Bernick C'14 and Jake Shuster C'13 are your candidates for UA President, and the two have already swung their campaigns into a super speedy start. The Money Booster's got an informative website—embellished with many profile-worthy pictures—as well as a spiffy Facebook page where you can "like" all said pictures. The sophomore hopeful, on the other hand, has released his own website, drawing a thick line in the sand between Wordpress and Tumblr fans, and this 45-second clip. Let the games begin.

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