Published 03/29/12 11:55am

STREET Presents: State of the Union


It's Thursday. There's a new Street. Go pick one up, silly!

Food trucks are fighting the man in this week's feature, about the yellow tape that try to keep them down, and the efforts being made to form a union.

If you're hungry for more interviews with the people who make your tummy happy, Food has an interview with Mr. Koch's himself. Film talks to a Blade Runner enthusiast, who is also a professor or something. Arts sits down with a jewelry designer, and Ego chats up a guy who likes to put it in neutral.

Music explores some of the lesser–known lyrics behind songs you like to sing along to when you're drunk. Lowbrow dresses up as other sections for April Fool's Day.


Interested to know what a pound of weed looks like? Google it. It's a lot. Read on in The Round–Up. 

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