Published 03/15/12 11:14am



Forecast: Sun. Street. What better material to peruse while sunbathing topless in front of Hillel?

This week we've got a professor who rocks... with his students onstage. "But wait", you might ask, "isn't that plot of School of Rock?" Why yes, it is. And it's also the plot of the Feature this week.

Film talks to Will Ferrell about his new movie in Spanish. But don't get too excited, amateur translators! The interview's in English (phew!)

Music takes you on a tour of Philly artists' hoods, while food takes you on a tour of places you will probably throw up in this St. Patty's Day. Lowbrow's got the pickup lines to use on the Erin Express.


Or you could always let Arts steer you toward something more rewarding this Saturday, like taking a photography class. Take note, Round-Up celebrities.

Spring broke. Highbrow's got the play–by–play for those of us too busy playing with out pets at home to party in Puerto Vallarta.

Oh, and ever wonder what Full Metal Jousting is? Please explain, Ego of the Week!

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