Published 03/22/12 12:37pm

STREET Presents: CAPS Uncapped


We know you’re up, because you we saw you camping out for Fling tickets, so go grab a copy of today’s Street. You might feel like you need a little counseling, after 8 long hours on College Green, but if you just want to read about it, check out this week’s feature, which provides an inside look at one of campus’s most valuable resources, CAPS.

Highbrow gives you the roundup of St. Patty’s Day hijinks and features an account on extreme bursaring. Attention Seniors: you have one week left, so make it count.

Before you bursar, though, check out Ego’s guide to repurposing seemingly useless bookstore items. If you’ve already maxed out for the semester, Food has you covered, with a foolproof guide to planting your own basil.

And after you’ve done all that, come meet us/give us the wristbands you waited so long for. We’ll be at our writers’ meeting tonight at 6:30 at 4015 Walnut.

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