Published 03/13/12 10:15am

Rx Revived: IL Remedio Moves In


Fans of the recently deceased Rx, take heart: though the 45th and Spruce brunch hotspot closed under spOoOoOoky circumstances back in January, Rx owner Frank McGee has brought in new chef and business partner Dan Freeman for Rx's BYO successor, IL Remedio, as University City Review reports.

Expect a new, seasonal Northern Italian menu with a revamped dinner service along with the usual brunch favorites updated with a European twist. Crepes and Eggs Benedict? Mega yumz. Chef Freeman, a transplant from Old City's Bistro 7, places the opening in mid-March, which is...right around now.

All in all, IL is shaping up to be pretty ill. There's probably an IL-ill-Rx-pharmacy joke we could make here but won't.

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