Published 03/26/12 7:32pm

Philly Named International Hotspot For Parks


We know how bummed you are that you don't have an ABCS course to get you to walk North of FroGro, so here's a bit of good news for ya: Philadelphia got selected by travel mag Frommer's as one of the 10 Best Cities for Parks internationally! That puts us in the same league as London, Paris, and Tokyo. Penn Park, along with FDR Park and Fairmont Park, which is made up of 63 individual parks and 9,200 acres (10% of Philly), are just the first steps in Mayor Nutter's Green 2015 initiative to add 500 acres of park space by the time the freshies graduate.

So get up off those mahogany-colored leather chairs and take your brotherly love beyond Locust. We can't offer you free food, but we sure can point you to some good fishing spots. Frommer's says that the best time to park yourself in a park is now. Stop pretending "it's too cold out" and bring your spring fling to a lake or tree or something cute. You may even get yourself a mupload out of it.


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