Published 03/22/12 4:25pm

Fling Snubbed From Craziest College Parties List, Tiësto Campers Probably Pissed


Not too long ago, Fling was named the number two sanctioned college event in America. And we rejoiced. But evidently it only fares well among "official" events, because Penn's favorite slopfest was left off of HuffPo's recent list of the 10 craziest college parties in the country. Apparently a single rowdy tailgate at Duke is crazier than Fling. For this, we shall not STAND!

Tensions are running high in this heated time of whining and protesting about not getting floor passes to the Fling concert (anyone got an extra, by the way?). Instead of pointing fingers, take this opportunity to unite. Rage harder than you ever have before, in solidarity, to prove that Fling is one of the craziest college parties—no, no, is the craziest college party of them all. Leave Tiësto so blown away by your ability to fist pump with abandon that he shows up to the next stop on his college tour wearing a Penn shirt. Do it for glory. Do it for pride. Do it for FLING!!!!!!


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