Published 02/12/12 12:16pm

The Monk Bunch


Ever considered living life like a monk? Us neither, but a class at Penn, taught by Justin McDaniel, aims to bring students closer to the monastic lifestyle.   This religious studies course, with no papers or exams (plus), ditches phones, coffee, and processed foods (minus) in an effort to understand the simple life of a monk.  The class, which has garnered a lot of buzz, divides by gender and dresses simply, and each class progressively gets more intense.  By mid-March, these kiddos won’t be engaging in any physical human contact or getting any stories from the outside world.  Sounds tough, right?  McDaniel says the students are generally really into it and the class is taken really seriously.

Let’s get real here. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, all your romantic ventures are dead-ends, and you might actually be thinking about joining the convent.  Make it a reality!  It’s a little late to sign up for the class now, but get on the waitlist for next semester.  This year, one hundred students were clamoring to get a spot.

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