Features  Published 02/27/12 3:16pm

Sweatshirt Chic 2K12, Starring The Junior Class Board


The Junior Class Board designed sweaters for the Class of 2013. Wait, let's start again: The Junior Class Board designed 2013 CLASSIC IVY HIGH-QUALITY CREW NECK SWEATSHIRTS. That's a mouthful. Snark aside, they're very nice! But though we really do like them, we don't think we'll ever loOoOoOove them as much as CB13 does– their new sweatshirt photo shoot in the Quad really puts their last apparel release to shame. Let's go on a lil' look-see and check it out, shall we?


Class prez Jon Youshaei (right) wears his sweatshirt in four languages, which is fashionable.  #SweatshirtChic2K12

LOL, boys and girls! When will they learn?! ;) #SweatShirtChic2K12

Paid for by the National Commission for Satchel Awareness. #SweatshirtChic2K12

"I do not approve of this message." –Amy Gutmann #NotSweatshirtChic2K12

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