Published 02/29/12 9:13am

Sugar Philly Takes The Cake


Sugar Philly, our favorite (only?) dessert truck on campus, just got named as one of the top food trucks in America! Yup, even though that très neat vendor of coffee and crème brûlée on 38th and Walnut didn't get picked as the ultimate winner of Philly's food truck wars, Smithsonian singled it out for its "seasonal haute desserts." There are a lot of French words in that last sentence, which means that Sugar Philly MUST be fancy and delicious. Congrats to you, Sugar Philly! Does this mean we get free desserts? Wait, what? It does?!

Yup, according to their website, if you're one of the first 20 people to bring in a list of your top 20 favorite things in the world (?), you get a "little free treat." If only more things in the world worked like that.

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