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 Published 02/09/12 11:01am



Still alive? Congrats! Looks like you've survived snowpocalypse 2k12. Pat yourself on the back with this week's Street.

Street's all about the romance this week. Film's got some helpful suggestions of where to take your slam piece after a movie. Food & Drink plays (and wins) matchmaker. And Arts keeps it classy as always, with an adorable DIY bookmark perfect for your paperback erotica.

But if you're more the type who wants to punch those heart-shaped balloons every time you walk by CVS, Feature has an escape route to West Philly.

Ego's got the girls behind the vagina costumes. Music has some advice for all you sucka frat DJs. Lowbrow's got the 411 on how to get out of hazing (shoutout to the UA! holla!) And, as always, Highbrow brings you the gossip, where the special musical guest this week is Kweder.

Writer's meeting tonight! We want you. 4015 Walnut. 6:30.

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