Published 02/16/12 12:04pm

STREET Presents: An Inside Look At The MGC


Feeling blue? Street's got the cure for your rainy day mood with an peek inside the Multicultural Greek Council. Read on to satisfy your curiosity about these alternatives to the typical Penn Greek experience.

Food and Drink's indulging their culture craving with pasta and a lady who knows a thing or two about it. If hot dogs (and/or Ronald Reagan) are more your thing, the Ego of the Week's got a few tips.

Arts has a preview of the Penn Design's M.F.A. show, Music tells you what your band t-shirt says about you, and film  passes judgment on Tim and Eric's new movie.

Lowbrows got the jokes. Highbrow's got the gossip with a bonus of V-day anxiety. 

And Street's got the beer if you come to the meeting tonight (we're talking to you - writers, photographers, people who complain about Street, etc.). 6:30 p.m. 4015 Walnut.

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