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News  Published 02/21/12 12:34pm

Hemming Way: The Stock Also Rises


Earlier this month, Business Insider compiled a list of the 29 Most Bizarre Economic Indicators in the World, with "The Hemline Index" at #7. This theory, presented by former Wharton professor George Taylor, maintains that economic fluctuations—in stock prices and GDP—manifest themselves in the lengths of women's skirt and dress hemlines. ("Um, does this skirt make the economy look fat?")

Yesterday, the same folks over at Business Insider decided to put Taylor's Hemline Indicator to the test, measuring the recently debuted fall/winter collections of "25 of the most influential designers that show at New York fashion week" compared against their last year's collections (complete with pictures). According to their thorough analysis, hemlines have indeed gotten shorter this season, so if Taylor's to be believed, looks like our economy's in for an uphill ride.

Talk about skirts and stockings!

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