Published 01/12/12 10:23am

@UndergroundRush Is Penn's Latest Stupid Twitter


Sorority rush at Penn is an imperfect system that (at its worst) encourages superficiality and oppresses women, faults which are applauded on the new fake Penn Twitter account, Penn Sorority Rush (@UndergroundRush). At this point, your inbox has probably been spammed with multiple emails from the person (people?) behind this attention-grubbing account that has spawned some of the least original Tweets we've seen for months.

[Update: The @UndergroundRush account has been deleted, but Storify lives on after the jump]

Hey, @UndergroundRush, if you're not going to add anything new or (at the very least) remotely interesting to the conversation, you should leave now. You're embarrassing yourself. Moratorium on fake Penn Twitters, yeah?

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