Published 01/31/12 3:49pm

Luke-ing For Love (In All The Wrong Places)


This is Luke Kelly. He's in love. The only problem is, he won't shut up about it the girl of his dreams lives 5000 miles away in Brazil. And he's seen her only once since his balls dropped. Nevertheless, Luke is determined to track down his Brazilian biddie and profess his love for her. But he's really making the whole ordeal into a huge production. Literally.

The Wharton student has launched a Kickstarter account in an effort to raise a whopping $35,000 in funds for his romantic odyssey. Because a roundtrip to Rio doesn't cost $1200 or anything. Luke claims that he needs this extraordinary sum of money because he plans to bring an amateur film crew with him on his voyage, and hopes to make many stops on the way to "assemble the footage into a documentary about love, youth, and travel."

So sponsor his "cause." Or just watch the Michael Cera movie instead.

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