Features  Published 12/15/11 7:31pm

Take These Classes


You're studying for finals in classes you currently can't stand but were once optimistic about. So procrastinate by signing up for new and exciting classes to eventually hate and avoid studying for. Assuming you pick your classes based on advertising, here are some well publicized classes from which to choose:

The Doll (GRMN 273 / COML 276) Which doll? That doll. It is teaching the class.



Dangerous Writers (ENGL 100 / COML 100 / GSWS 102)

Perfect if you want to feel like your life is threatened by your course material. Scary!

Business German (GRMN 220)

So you can sell cars and... cheap, Eurotrashy techno music. Or stay in America and chastise subordinates in German business vernacular! Das ist mir egal!

 Listen Up! Nineteenth Century Novel (ENGL 65)

Guaranteed no reading! Guaranteed lots of justifying to your parents.

Fantastic Voyages (ENGL 395)

Join the coolest kids at Penn in a BFS seminar about The Lord of the Rings.

Writing in the First Person (CLST 101)

Ugh, this is about reading other peoples' writing? I wanted to write about me!

Elementary Dutch (DTCH 102)

Why do people want to go to Amsterdam so badly? Oh, it's because...uh, dude, um, wait. Sorry, I forget. I'm hungry.

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