Features  Published 12/07/11 1:36pm

Penn's Secret Spots: Koo Plaza


Sick of hitting up all your usual campus hangouts (GSRs, VP, the basement bathroom of Fisher Fine Arts, etc.)? Trying to avoid all those adorable, hyperventilating freshmen before finals? Well, dudes, today is your lucky day.

This week's Secret Spot is in--er, surrounded by--Huntsman. Easily hidden by PPT-induced misery and tunnel vision, Koo Plaza is home to numerous benches, tables and grassy knolls (you know, so you can eat your lunch exposed to this precious weather we've been having). Also hidden in this secret garden is an ivy-covered trellis, which, hel-LO, is practically begging you to propose (to your MGMT100 TA).

True, the Plaza may not be an ideal place to actually get shit done, but it does function as a nice escape from the sea of life-sucking pantsuits otherwise crawling around Huntsman. Check it out next time you get a chance, and, if you're feeling extra generous, let us know if you've got any Secret sex Spots of your own.


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