Features  Published 12/11/11 8:01pm

Homeopathic Drops Will Heal Your Finals Ailments


Have you checked out the Uncommon Market beneath Commons lately? Part grocery store and part cabinet of curiosities, it's 100% Fresh Grocer-meets-your Wiccan aunt. If you've still got Dining Dollars to spend and your usual titration of legal and illegal substances isn't doing it for you this finals season, why not try some of their Homeopathic Lozenges for relief from your most desperate and vague symptoms?

First, there are the Homeopathic Passion Drops, which are quite compelling, especially if your problem is a lack of lusty library encounters. Pop a passion drop, wink at any special someone over your laptop and disappear into the stacks.

There are also Moon Drops, which offer a hint of celestial intrigue and a full night's sleep. But for some reason, the pyramid on the Arnica Drops package gives it a certain ancient-wisdom vibe that seems more convincing. Inevitably, though, Calm Drops seem to be the most popular, probably because they are "Lozenges for Emotional Care" and that's all anyone ever wants, right?

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.


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