Features  Published 12/29/11 1:31pm

Best Of 2011: Now That's Music


From frat-rappers to video game musicians, Penn's had some pretty epic musical moments over the past year.  We've picked 11 of our favorite memories to share with you.  In no particular order, we proudly present our best Penn music flashbacks from 2011:

Fire Burning (Harnwell Remix) by 2403 Productions When you mix club music with the wonderful lullaby of college house fire alarms, you come out with a tune that offers a ton of functionality.  Scaring away an annoying hallmate is definitely maybe an option.

Rock It Out by Rossman This is the hit that started it all!  Produced and performed by Penn students, this music video features Philly landmarks and clips from a party in the Quad, and by a party in the Quad we actually mean Fling.

Adrenaline by Nick Mishkin We are awarding 2011 UTB bucks for a music video filmed at Smoke's but subtracting 2012 because it's not the only video filmed at Smoke's that made it to our list.


Crushin' by Danielle Golub Someone Like You Cover by Kim Adams The next two hits on our list were faced off in a poll earlier this semester where the recent 2011 grad, Adams, beat out UA Freshman, Golub, where the winner received the honor of a new bathroom toilet seat to use for her next YouTube cover.

Nintendo Mario Theme by Mike Choi We'll never forget watching this adorable little freshman blowing his... piano.

DTF by Sos and Soda Separating themselves from the other random music videos filmed at Penn, Sos and Soda chose to feature Blarney Stone over Smoke's for this raunchy gem.

Red Giant by Red Giants A group featuring six Penn students released a pretty good EP before SPEC Concerts Penn Music Collective event last semester.  What's better than a " luminous ball of hydrogen, carbon and helium in a late stage of stellar evolution"?

Let It Go by Mazzerati Rick Filmed in its entirety at Smoke's, this video is basically Jersey Shore: Penn.

Go Time by ETAN Probably the most successful music video on this list, "Go Time" was produced by 2011 grad Etan Fraser and was featured on MTV and BET.

Just The Way You Are Cover by Tim Soo There's an app for that!  Soo, a Penn med student, performed his cover using an iPhone and Wiimote using his new invisible instrument app.  While we don't see Soo's cover hitting the Billboard charts anytime soon, its a pretty remarkable accomplishment and a great way to end our list.

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