Published 11/14/11 9:00am

What's HapPENNing?

Dear diary,

There are so many awesome thangs happening this week! We're so excited that we just punched a wall with our face! COLLEGE!


Gossip Button Girl

Typography Lecture Who: Philomathean Society When and where: Tuesday, 6-7 p.m.; Morgan Building basement Why: Typography is sexy. Comic sans. Futura. Serif. Are we turning you on? Yes? In that case, join us at this lecture with David Comberg, head of the Common Press, to learn about type and typography. In the meantime: This.

Friarside Coffeehouse Who: Friars Senior Society When and where: Wednesday, 8-10:30 p.m.; The Castle (36th and Locust Walk) Why: Friars! They love themselves and we love them for putting together awesome charity events like the Friarside Coffeehouse. With performing arts groups like Without a Net, Mask and Wig and all the other usuals, you won't be bored. No, really! Also, it's in Castle. Didn't they, like, film "Transformers" there or something???????????????????? Tickets are $6 on the Walk and $9 at the door.

Red, White, and Big Man on Campus Who: Alpha Chi Omega When and where: Wednesday, 8-11 p.m.; The Roxxy (939 N. Delaware Avenue) Why: Juniors! And seniors! Dancing! And the $10 you'll be spending goes towards Women Against Abuse! Notice: This event contains a halftime show by Rossman. We feel morally obligated to inform you of this.

M. Night Shyamalan Lecture Who: Wharton Leadership Series When and where: Thursday, 4:30 p.m.; Huntsman G06 Why: Shyamalan, of "Sixth Sense" and all those other movies that were kinda terrible fame, will grace Penn's campus with his presence on Thursday afternoon for a talk on his career as a writer, actor, director and producer. Go! But please, please, please do not ask about "Lady in the Water."

Strictly Funk Master Classes Who: Strictly Funk When and where: Varies, see above link Why: Dancing! Everyone can do it! ...Haha, not really. But you can try! Thanks to Strictly Funk, you can learn the basics of jazz, funk, hip-hop and many other styles with members of their dance troupe.




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