Features  Published 11/13/11 1:18pm

Punch It: Your Guide To Punchcards At Penn


We get it: if you're going to trudge through the same campus coffee shops and eateries day in and day out, you want the most bang for your buck. To help you with that goal, we've rounded up all the punchcards in our area to help make you a more efficient eater, drinker and nosher. Have any that we've missed? Do share!

Auntie Annies: Buy six pretzels, pretzel sticks or pretzel dogs and get the seventh free! Insider tip: Use one of the many coupons they hand out around campus to make those six pretzels cost more like five or four.

Café Prima (in Harrison College House): Purchase nine cafe drinks or DVD rentals, get the 10th free. Insider tip: Be sure to remember to punch for DVD rentals; they're cheaper than drinks!

D.P. Dough: Buy 10 zones, get one free. Insider Tip: They'll stamp your card on delivery orders if you're not too high to remember to ask.

Jimmy John's: Buy 10 sandwiches, get the 11th free. Insider Tip: You can only get #1-6 on the menu or a JJBLT for free, but this is probably the only punch card you can actually use while wasted, so we're all in.

Joe's Cafe: Card 1: Buy ten cups of coffee, get one free. Card 2: get a free meal valued up to $5.00 after you buy four meals that are at least $5.00. Insider tip: The $5.00 meal thing is absurdly easy to accomplish; get any sandwich (breakfast or otherwise) and a drink and you'll hit the minimum.

Kiwi: Buy 10 fro-yos, get one free (up to $4.00). Insider tip: There's no minimum weight for what will qualify you for a punch, as far as we've seen.

Koreana: Buy five bubble teas, get the sixth free. Insider tip: Koreana is the only bubble tea on campus with a punchcard, so if you're really trying to be efficient it's the place to go.

Lovers and Madmen: Buy 10 coffees, get one free, and buy seven sandwiches get one free. Insider tip: The shop is a little on the pricey side (but definitely worth it), so choose wisely when you do earn your freebies.

Metropolitan Bakery: Buy 10 espresso drinks and get one free, buy 10 cups of coffee and get one free, buy 10 breakfast sandwiches and get one free and buy 10 other sandwiches, get one free. Insider tip: They won't punch your card if you're using your UniEats discount, so do the math before you decide which one to pull out. It's a no-brainer on Saturday or Sunday, when your UniEats card isn't accepted.

Penn Bookstore: Buy 10 prepared drinks, get one free. Insider tip: If you're a Starbucks aficionado, there's no excuse not to go the bookstore. It's the same coffee as on 34th or under Commons, but you get a punch for it.

Qdoba: Free entree once you get 1,000 points on your swipe card (usually after ten entrees), and free chips and salsa at registration. Insider tip: You only get points for a full entree (not chips or side items), but there's double points on Tuesdays. This also won't work in conjunction with your Unieats card.

Saxbys: Buy six drinks, get your seventh small one free. Insider tip: If you ask really nicely, sometimes they'll make that seventh a medium.

Sweetgreen: Every dollar you spend translates to points; 50 points gets you a fro-yo and a hundred's a full salad. Insider tip: You will rack this up so quickly and it will be terrifying.

Williams Café: Buy 10 prepared drinks, get one free. Insider tip: They now take bursar!

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