Published 11/07/11 12:32pm

Hey, There's Some Elections Tomorrow

We have some weird feeling in the pit of our stomach that we just realized was civic pride, so we're letting you know tomorrow is one of those annual "election days" where you vote for stuff. You know, like the primaries no one voted in back in May, except a bigger deal.

If you're a Philly voter, you can choose whether or not to re-elect Penn alum Mayor Michael Nutter, as well as other municipal positions. There's even voting booths on campus, located in Houston Hall, Harrison, Harnwell, DRL, Steiny-D and the Free Library; find yours here.

If you're still registered elsewhere, hopefully you sent your absentee ballot in! If you didn't, you can still remind your friends at home to do the right thing and hit up the polls. At the very least, voting now is great practice for next year.

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