Published 11/09/11 10:32am

Hey Maureen Dowd, We're Not Penn State


Homegirl is trashing our reputation! The mistake has been corrected on the Times' website, but seriously, world, stop confusing us with the brouhaha at Penn State. Maureen Dowd, if you're reading this, you should apologize to our entire University immediately. Then come give an awesome talk on campus to make up for it.

Update: Per our commenters (always on their A-game!), it appears the end of her column's still got us confused:

I can only hope that by the time Anthony’s parents work up their nerve to have what they call “the conversation” with him about his fallen idol, St. Joe and the other Penn scoundrels will have been ignominiously cast out of what turns out to be a not-so-Happy Valley.
Update, 1:16 p.m.: The Times finally fully corrected the online version! We're still mad though.

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