Published 09/19/11 3:49pm



48 hours. 41 teams. 1 Hackathon.

How did you spend your weekend?  Some tech-savvy Penngineers spent the entire weekend coding their little hearts out, all in the name of PennApps, Penn's official hackathon.  The winners received cash prizes, iPads, Google TVs and more.  The Grand Prize of $2500 and a trip to Google NYC was awarded to the creators of µWave, a microwave that will play you a YouTube video while you wait for your food to finish.  Check out some of our favorite PennApps after the jump!

µWave: This is a "social" microwave.  Not only does it play you a highly-rated YouTube video for the length of time that you are cooking your food, but it will tweet that you are using it and text you when your food is done. Sound familiar?

Class Grapher: Still having trouble finding the perfect class? Class Grapher provides a very visual interface to allow you to sort through the classes offered in any department by difficulty, quality and other characteristics to help you pick a class.  We think this could actually be pretty useful considering its about 1000 times more user-friendly than PennCourseReview.

BeerSnob: The self-proclaimed "wise drink decision-maker," BeerSnob allows you to 'drink up' or 'pour out' a beer, sharing your drink opinions with others. Instead of being social and asking a friend or the bartender, you could be the guy that sits on his smartphone looking up beer reviews.  So much more socially appropriate.

SmileTube: SmileTube analyzes your facial expressions in real time as you watch a YouTube video.  SmileTube attempts to find out which parts of videos are funny, and distinguishes the difference between highly-rated YouTube videos and funny YouTube videos.  Its just kind of creepy that there is also a video of YOU watching the YouTube video on the screen at the same time.

KaraokeJS: "Its kind of like what you do normally at a concert!" We're not so sure...

You can check out all of the latest information about all of the PennApps created this weekend on their website!

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